Haziran 19, 2019


NEWS – BDR Thermea Group expands heat pump business with acquisition of Technoco.


BDR Thermea Group which includes six companies in hvac sector like Baymak, expands heat pump business with acquisition of Technoco.

Dutch company Techneco is known for it’s innovation and R & D activities in the heat pump market for 23 years and has a large product portfolio.

BDR Thermea Group’s CEO Bertrand Schmitt said “We are taking a firm action to put the opportunity in the hybrid solutions and heat pump market that is expected to grow fourfold in the next decade to good use. This strategic acquisition will strengthen us in the heat pump category. Technoco will provide a valuable contribution to the BDR Thermea Group’s product portfolio” about the acquisition.

Baymak’s CEO Ender Çolak underlined that promoting the use of renewable and clean energy is one of the most important issues in Turkey’s energy policy and said the fastest growing group of all hvac sector’s procducts is heat pump in the country:

“In the heat pump market in Turkey which experienced two-digit growth the last two years, Baymak have achieved a growth rate of 50 percent. We added 4 new models to our product portfolio in order to answer the needs in different application areas and we are planning to expand our product range in the coming period. With the experience of Technoco and it’scontribution to our R & D processes, we will bring new products to our users in the coming period”.

BDR Thermea Group, which will make energy conversion easier as one of its 2019 strategic goals, offers consumers different technologic solutions in their homes and offices to reduce their carbon footprints.


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