Temmuz 16, 2019


NEWS – Mechanical Engineer Nevroz Karakuş gave information about the internet of the things and the digitalization process in hvac sector at a seminar which TTMD Bursa Branch held.

TTMD’s (Society of Hvac & Sanitary Engineers) Bursa branch held “Digitalization in Mechanical Installation, Internet of the Things” seminar on the 26th of January. Turkish Hvac News attended the seminar which is presented by mechanical engineer Nevroz Karakus who has established Digitalization Committee in TTMD in 2017.

Karakus started his presentation mentioning the world’s elderly population will duplicate in 10 years and they will have free time and money, therefore we need more sustainable solutions. He stated with demographic structure’s change, demands and needs are also changing, in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs now we have wi-fi and battery on the bottom.

Karakus said we are connected to things we use, and we are also trying to connect everything we use to each other: Intelligent devices to intelligent applications, then to intelligent houses, then to intelligent cities… Maybe in the future to intelligent governments.

Internet of the Things

Describing the intelligence in devices with their computing capability, he said “the internet of the things” is to put sensors on these intelligent devices, gather information from them and use it to good account. According to Karakus artificial intellligence makes our life easier and closes the gap between people and the machines.

He underlined that if we don’t know the “big data” we can not calculate the results and gave an example from Amazon web site which collects information from their customers and then uses dynamic pricing according to that.

Digitalization in Hvac Sector

Karakus said big data processing, digitalization will be more and more important in hvac sector every year. Saying a boiler may be the best boiler in the world but it doesn’t matter if there’s trouble in it’s integration to the system, he emphasized that designing is the most important part of the digitalization process.

“For example if we put a sensor on a condensing wall hung combi boiler that collects information and tranfers it to a “cloud”, we can calculate pump power and then direct a technical team if any problem detected. We call it predictive maintenance in mechanical installations. In this way industrialist in hvac sector could control their products continiously and also provide a good service. It could be boilers, air conditioners, valves… Any product that comes to mind ” he added.

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