Eylül 20, 2019


NEWS – Turkish Hvac News interviewed with the head of the Uludag University Department of Mechanical Engineering Prof. Dr. Recep Yamankaradeniz about energy efficiency. Stating that a country’s welfare level is directly related to the energy production and consumption rate, Yamankaradeniz emphasized that energy saving is an issue that should concern everyone.

Turkish Hvac News made an interview with the head of Bursa Uludag University Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering Prof. Dr. Recep Yamankaradeniz about energy efficiency.

Saying energy efficiency is to minimize the amount of energy consumed, without reducing the quantity and quality in production, economic development and social welfare, Yamankaradeniz stated this issue should concern everyone, not only industrialists.

He said while learning thermodynamics, the students were told firstly it’s the the science of energy conversion and added a country’s welfare is measured by the amount of energy produced therefore thermodynamics is very important.

Yamankaradeniz said many people act upon “What happens from just one lamp?” idea in Turkey but millions of lamps would mean a lot and underlined the need for education in energy saving starting from childhood.

He said with just 10 percent worth of savings made by the efforts of individuals, the country would built two power plants less or could direct them to industry related areas.

“Turkey’s Future is in underground”

The professor said it’s only a matter of time before fossil fuels run out but it could take a long time for renewable energy sources to take their place completely. Emphasizing energy efficiency is vital for that matter, he said the use of renewable energy increased up to 20 percent in Turkey but it’s not enough.

Underlining the external dependence of Turkey is due to country’s former energy policies related to natural gas import, Yamankaradeniz said “Turkey’s future is in underground”. According to him only projects like  coal gasification practice in Soma could sove this problem.

“More efficient products should be produced in hvac sector”

Yamankaradeniz also mentioned about hvac sector. Saying the first Vocational Training Institute’s Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning program (MYO) is established in Uludag in 1986, he emphasized the importance of the specialists fot the sector.

Yamankaradeniz stated all the devices in the hvac industry has been coming from abroad but now with the improving quality of domestic manufacturing export rate is increased.

Noting the importance of heat recovery systems, the professor stated that more efficient hvac products like heat pumps, air conditioners  should be produced and both goverment and industry should work coopertively to offer them to citizens at more affordable prices.

“Projects using wastes to generate energy should spread”

Yamankaradeniz, who gave an example from the energy production of Bursa, said two existing power plants is almost never used because of the low potentials and the cost of natural gas.

Mentioning the university leading Bursa Waste Water Treatment Plant Project which generates electric from wastes, he said projects like this should spread to other cities.

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