Temmuz 16, 2019


INTERVIEW – Turkish Hvac News interviewed with Prof. Dr. Abdulvahap Yigit about the thermal comfort, hvac sector and renewable energy.

Turkish Hvac News interviewed with Uludag University Director of Vocational School of Technical Sciences, also the former Dean of Engineering Faculty Prof. Dr. Abdulvahap Yigit about the thermal comfort, hvac sector and renewable energy in Turkey and in general.

Saying the thermal comfort is the condition of mind that expresses satisfaction with the thermal environment, Yigit emphasized it is essential for the hvac sector.

Yigit said that twenty-thirty years ago no one paid attention to the thermal comfort, everyone was interested in just cooling or heating the environment; but now with the light of global developments, this situation has changed in Turkey, too and thermal comfort has gained importance.

“Thermal comfort must be considered when hvac projects are being carried out”

The professor underlined that the thermal comfort shouldn’t be considered as just about personal comfort as it has a lot of dimensions being increasing work efficiency the most important one.

Yigit stated that parameters like air temperature, internal air movements, wind speed, humidity etc. all affect the thermal comfort, and to give an example, he mentioned the difference between sensible temperature and actual temparature, which is affected by them. Yigit also said a person’s activity status, such as doing sports or sitting on a chair, is also a parameter affecting the thermal comfort.

He underlined that the thermal comfort and all of  its parameters must be taken into consideration while the hvac projects are being carried out.

“We should encourage solar powered systems in hvac sector”

Yigit, also working on the renewable energy use in engineering, said when we speak of renewable energy sources in Turkey, wind and solar powered energy comes to the forefont.

Despite the fact that almost all wind sources are projected; compared to Germany, Norway, the United States, England, and China, we are far behind, he said.

He mentioned depending on the declining prices of generating electricity from solar power, investments has been made in the Turkey and added that we missed the train on wind energy by importing all the equipments from abroad but we could still be successfull in solar powered energy by manufacturing in Turkey.

Yigit said 1 MW GES (Solar Energy Plant) will be built in Konya in 2019, and the government should encourage investments like this.

The professor emphasized that we use solar energy only in some greenhouses and hotels as hvac sector and that should be improved.

Ezgi Gül


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