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INTERVIEW – Prof. Dr. Ozden Agra gave information about Yildiz Technical University Department of Mechanical Engineering, Heat and Thermodynamics Division, hvac sector and university industry cooperations to Turkish Hvac News.

  • Can you give information about Yildiz Technical University Faculty of Mechanical Enginering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Heat and Thermodynamics Division?

Changing living conditions, developing technology and urbanization have made hvac (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) market grow. Nowadays hvac is not luxury, it has become a necessity. If we look at last 20 years, our sector have growth more continiously than others. Companies in hvac sector have decided to hire qualified employee who is graduated specially in hvac related divisions of universities in today’s competetive environment and supported to this divisions in academics for this goal. Yildiz Technical University Faculty of Mechanical Enginering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Heat and Thermodynamics Division is established 6 years ago with the demand from the sector through a cooperation protocol signed between ISKAV and Yildiz Technical University. Mr. Metin Duruk, a doyen name of the sector and the dean of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the time, Mr. Prof. Dr. İsmail Teke have played very important roles in establishing.

  • What can you say about university industry cooperations?

The aims of the universities are to educate and raise the generations who are our future as socially beneficial individuals, also to generate science and direct the conclusions and practices to the benefit of the society. Universities should provide fundemantal sciences based education to the students . The primary aim of the universities should be “teaching the student how to learn”, not giving just vocational education. Thus the universities could prepare the students to the working life as individuals who is independently investigating. On the other hand, the aim of the industry should be producing products and services that will increase society’s living standard, and while doing so, keeping the efficiency and quality high and continuously increase it.

“Most important cooperation between universities and industry is R&D activities” 

Since the most important “sources” of companies are the newly graduates of young generation, keeping the universities efficient is dependent to the strong cooperation of industry and university. At the same time, our universities have a duty in keeping the industry updated and “living”. In this context, student scholarships and various partnerships, educational cooperations like BS, MS and PhD gain importance. The most important cooperation between university and industry is probably R&D partnerships that suppors each other. It is extremely important to note that R&D activities should not only be about “Development”. Through real Research and Development activities, favorable outcomes could be produced both for the scientific publications and industry.

“University industry cooperations haven’t reached the level that we want yet”

Based on the aims I mentioned, university industry cooperations are essantial for every sector not only hvac but they haven’t reached the level that we want yet. As Yildiz Technical University, we give importance to cooperations with the industry and try to implement many cooperation models with various sectors. One of them is the training of students that will answer to the needs of the defense industry and develop joint projects through a protocol signed between Turk Havacilik ve Uzay Sanayii A.S. (TAI) and Yildiz Technical University Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. With the cooperation protocol, it is planned to train the students with the knowledge and skills to develop new technologies and meet the needs of industry. We have another successful operation model named ‘Shape the Change- Digital Production and Industry 4.0′ university industry cooperation with Bosch Turkey company. With this operation, it is aimed to improve students’ understanding of Industry 4.0 technologies and the digital transformation and make them take part in the transformation. With cooperations like these the education is subtracted from the theory and put into practice. Apart from these examples, similar cooperations are made with different firms of defense industry, automative and manufacturing sectors.

  • How did the establishment of this division contribute to the students and sector? What is your expectation from the sector?

We stated that Yildiz Technical University is one of the most important universities eeducating employess especially to the hvac sector. The presence of many Yildiz Technical University graduates carrying on their activities in the sector today is an indicator of this. Each of our students that choose the hvac division is assigned a mentor from the sector and the chosen mentors support our students in their 2-year vocational training. The students can do their internships in the firms supporting them and they can do their machine designs and dissertations in other sector firms as well. This strengthens the bond between the sector and university. The students who have chose and completed the hvac division are given a certificate. Thus our students direct all their energies to learning without having future anxiety and unemployment stress. This makes them much more equipped and increases their confidence.

“Digitalization will increase expectations for the future”

Today we are talking of Industry 4.0 Revolution. Concepts like intelligent robots, data mining, internet of the things, 3D printing, cloud have entered our lives. We need to implement make university industry cooperations actual fast that has measurable results in all divisions not just only few. In order to take part in the competitive strong economies and further  to be among the leading pioneer economies of Industry 4.0, it is inevitable to follow the development at the global level. With the spread of digitalization in all areas, the ways of working will change, the exceptations for the future will increase. Everyone from 7 to 70 is communicating in the digital world. We will be observing a life where not only people but billions of machines communicating with each other and generating data. Today, when the internet of things is spoken of,  we should rapidly prepare ourselves to such a change and insist on the university industry cooperation.

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