Mayıs 25, 2019


INTERVIEW- Chairman of the Executive Board of the ISIB (Turkish HVAC – R Sector Exporters’ Assocation) Mehmet Sanal gave information about the sector’s recent past, today and the future in terms of exports to Turkish Hvac News.

  • Can you give information about ISIB’s 2018 activities?

HVAC – R industry has made significant growth in exports in recent years. Our sector has grown both in terms of market, product range, turnover and quantity. In 2018, we have reached a turnover of 4.6 billion dollars with 16 percent growth compared to 2017. In 2019, our target is to overreach $ 5 billion. In previous years under favour of R&D activities, sector have given weight to high value-added product producing. This has provided us competitive advantage in foreign markets and imports have reduced with export increase.

Search for different markets in HVAC – R due to increase in exports

2018 has been a very active year for the sector. We have searched for the new markets and changed our direction to the distant markets. Our sector has a significant share in European markets, we wanted to carry our success and effectiveness to more distant markets. For this reason, last year, we have started to work in South America, Central and South Africa and Australia. After Argentina and Chile, we have started to create trade delegations in Tanzania and tried to give provide new scopes to our members. We have been satisfied with the interest of our members in our work. Constriction in our country’s economy in recent years have showed us the importance of exports. During our visits, we saw the potential in especially African and South American markets and Turkish HVAC – R sector must take its place in these. As ISIB, our goal is to keep the export bar high for our country, our sector and to make our sector preferred in global markets.

  • What kind of supports ISIB provide to exporters in Turkey? 

*ISIB will continue to support its members and the sector in every platform abroad. We provide information to our members about markets, communication of our contacts abroad and general trends towards markets. In order to increase recognition level of the Turkish HVAC – R sector abroad, ISIB has taken actions in it’s 2019 program such as trade delegations and national participation organizations. In this context, we can easily say that all of ISIB activities are aimed to increase the share of ISIB members and the Turkish HVAC – R sector in abroad.

  • What is ISIB planning for 2019?

In 2019, ISIB has a busy schedule. We will implement our plans according to the needs and demands of our members in unity. Briefly; we will set up an information stand in Aquatherm Moscow on February 12-15 and will have various advertising activities. We will be in ISH Frankfurt, which is one of the important fair organizations of the HVAC – R sector, from 11-15 March, Climexpo in Tunisia and at the same time Agritech in Zambia from 11-13 April, Agrotec in Ethiopia from 9 – 11 May, Big5 in Morocco on June 22, West Africa HVAC – R Expo in Nigeria from 11-13 July, Climexpo in Tanzania from 12-14 September and Best5 Algeria Mega Clima Expo in Algeria from November 20-23.


In addition to fair organizations, we also focused on the creation of trade delegations and national participation organizations this year. In this context, we will organize HVAC – R Sectoral Trade Delegations’ to Egypt from 31 March to 3 April and in Peru and Columbia from 14 – 21 April. We will attend to Pakistan HVAC – R 26th Expo and Conference Fair in Karaci – Pakistan from 13 – 15 February, and Acrex 2019 Fair in Mumbai – India from 28 February to 2 March with a info stand. A trade delegation to Poland will be held from 7-10 May. We are organizing a national participation organization in Interclima Paris from 5-8 November.

All these organizations are important for our sector. In order to be strong and effective in the world markets, to promote our sector and to increase our export rates, it is important to attend in such activities. We would like all our members to attend in these organizations.

Ezgi Gül


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