Eylül 20, 2019


NEWS – According to World Economic Forum, Danfoss Wuqing China factory is among the 16 most smartest factories in the world.

In the World Economic Forum, it was highlighted that smart factories should not be only good at implementing smart technologies, but also converting investments into operational and financial benefits.

The forum selected the most succesful factories in terms of industry from between 1.000 candidates. According to the World Economic Forum, Danfoss owns one of the 16 most smartest factories in the world.

In the Danfoss Factory in Wuqing, China; autonomous vehicles find their way through the corridors and bring needed supplies to the workers.

Workers at the factory are also using predictive maintenance: Smart devices automatically detect a problem via bluetooth and can access information about electronic workplace in different areas of the factory during the day.

Danfoss increased it’s productivity by 30% by these smart investments in last two years and decreased customer complains by 57% at the same time.



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