Ağustos 19, 2019


NEWS – LG Turkey held a meeting where the new generation of the company’s environmentalist products which use the R32 refrigerant was introduced.

LG Electronics Turkey met with company’s partners in HVC – R sector at the Swissotel Büyük Efes in Izmir. In the meeting the new generation of environmentalist products which use the R32 refrigerant was introduced.

In the presentation, the company underlined that the R32 refrigerant was known as flammable but tests made in South Korea falsified that, R32 is a next generation, environment friendly refrigerant.

According to presentation, LG’s new generation heating and cooling system products are quieter and operating at a higher performance compared to the old ones and environmental damage has been reduced.

In addition, goals and strategies of the company in HVAC – R sector for 2019 were also shared.

LG Electronics Turkey Air Conditioning and Energy Solutions Division President James Park said LG show attention to implent environmentalist and innovative solutions n both HVAC – R sector and in general:

As LG, we make our customers’ life easier with our 50 years of experience in HVAC – R sector and innovative solutions. We discharge our responsibilities to nature with our environmentally friendly technologies. In our new generation products in order to minimize the damage we give to the environment, we use the refrigerant R32, which is known as environment friendly all over the world. The R32 is the only high-performance refrigerant that is environment friendly.


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