Ekim 14, 2019


NEWS – Yeditepe University students presented the “Portable Heating and Ventilation Project” which costs ₺70 and uses less electricity compared to current products.

Yeditepe University Faculty of Architecture Industrial Design Department and Faculty of Engineering Mechanical Engineering Department students introduced the “Portable Heating and Ventilation Project” at an exhibition organized in the university.

Prof. Dr. Hojin Ahn (Erdem An) from Mechanical Engineering Department and Industrial Design Department lecturer Ergin Yetkin managed the product project which heats in the same way as current products but consumes less electricity.

The product which is made up of two fans costs only ₺70.

Ergin Yetkin emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary work:

This is a study which brought mechanical engineering and industrial design students together for 14 weeks. In business life, these disciplines have to work together. That’s why we wanted students to experience this through project lessons. There are several companies that support us. Together with these companies, our products will be put into production and come to a level that can be used in daily life.

Prof. dr. Hojin Ahn expressed his happiness in working with the Faculty of Architecture and continued as follows:

Within the scope of mechanical engineering thermal system design courses, we were generally designing but it was conceptual. But in this period we decided to cooperate with the Department of Industrial Design and this was very different from the experiences.



Benzer Haberler