Ekim 14, 2019


NEWS – Trade associations and professional bodies from across the globe will celebrate the World Refrigeration Day on June 26. The participants will discuss low- GWP refrigerant developments.

Trade associations and professional bodies from across the globe have come together to establish June 26 as World Refrigeration Day, which will be celebrated the world over as an annual event.

The participants will discuss low-GWP (Global Warming Potential) refrigerant developments.

The activity aims to raise awareness of how refrigeration, air-conditioning, and heat-pumps technology and science contribute to modern living and society.  The day has a mission to emphasize the effect of refrigeration globally.

United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) OzonAction division is the latest body to agree support for World Refrigeration Day.

Stephen Lisk, Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) President said:

Refrigeration is a critical element of daily life in the developed world and increasingly so to the developing economies… But to maintain the fridges and freezers, the cold stores, the refrigerated lorries and vans, and even ships and containers requires many skills and trades and specialisms. And as we seek to reduce the global warming impact of refrigerant gases, we need research and innovation of new technologies and processes to minimize the negative impacts whilst enhancing the daily benefits of cooling systems. World Refrigeration Day is a celebration of all these things. It is a chance to explain the many benefits that refrigeration has brought to the world over the last century. It is an opportunity to recognize the achievements of the pioneers of early refrigeration and to celebrate the developments that continue today. CIBSE is delighted to support this important event and to work with the Institute of Refrigeration and its partners in raising awareness of all the varied aspects of refrigeration today.


Benzer Haberler