Mayıs 22, 2019


NEWS – Mitsubishi Electric which attracts interest with its wide range of services “from in the home to outer space” invests in Turkey.

Mitsubishi Electric Turkey has a very wide range of services from in the home to outer space as well as the world.

The company attracts interests in air conditioning, automation, elevators, escalators, visual data, transportation, energy, automotive equipments, semiconductors, public systems, and satellite technology.

Sevket Saracoglu, Mitsubishi Electric Turkey President, provided information about the activities and objectives of the brand in Turkey.

Saracoglu emphasized that the company is an important solution partner for environmentally friendly buildings, HVAC systems of factories and infrastructure projects, automation, elevators, escalators, and visual data systems.

Saracoglu announced Mitsubishi Electric will expand their range of products in the Turkish HVAC sector.

Stating that the brand’s response to Industry 4.0 is e-F@ctory concept, Saracoglu mentioned that they are prepared to build the future’s digital factories in Turkey.

Saying that Mitsubishi Electric contribute to communication and broadcasting infrastructure in Turkey and neighboring countries with Turksat 4A and 4B satellites, he added the brand plays a part in more than 500 satellite projects.

He underlined that established as a company that produces electric motors, Mitsubishi Electric stands out with its advanced technology solutions in a wide range of areas ranging “from in the home to outer space” today and dded they strengthen their position with increasing momentum in all areas they operate in Turkey.


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