Mayıs 25, 2019


NEWS – THN interviewed Team Bosphorus which works in interdisciplinary groups to design, build, and operate a sustainable self-sufficient house within the scope of the Solar Decathlon Africa 2019.

Solar Decathlon is a collegiate competition organized by the US Energy Department since 2002. 17 competitions have been held in different parts of the world in 16 years and the average competition time is 2 years.

Turkish Hvac News interviewed Bosphorus Team which is a consortium of two university teams; Istanbul Technical University and Yildiz Technical University that takes part in the competition this year in Solar Decathlon Africa 2019 in Morocco.

The Bosphorus Team is made up of students from 8 different disciplines and they are advised by faculty advisors and professional mentors. One of the advisors Prof. Dr. Ozden Agra, Head of Communications and Alumni Office at YTU provided  information about the competition:

20 teams work in interdisciplinary groups and design, build, and operate sustainable self-sufficient houses within the scope of the Solar Decathlon. The competition aims to contribute to education, scientific researches and raise creating social awareness.
Turkey withdrew from the contest due to some negativity in the past. We were prepared for this competition with our experiences from them. Our goal as a team is to represent our country at the highest level in the international arena. Everybody starts with “I”, we should say “us”. We want Solar Decathlon to be organized in Turkey next. It means nearly 1 million visitors and the country could find the opportunity to promote their local products abroad.

Ceren Cakar, who is an Interior Architecture student at Istanbul Technical University mentioned the local and technological synergy:

The interior and the overall design represents today’s technology including the effects of the local Moroccan patterns. We are trying to decorate our greenhouse according to the needs of an average Moroccan family of 5.

Yildiz Technical University Environmental Engineering student Saniye Ustun emphasized the importance of the zero carbon footprint and the algae pool. According to Ustun, the project can minimize waste by using it in their greenhouses. Ustun also stated the project can be applied to big cities and it can even lower the price while protecting the environment.

Istanbul Technical University Civil Engineering student Tarik Ataser gave information about the soil panel:

During the construction process of the project, the most important innovation was the use of soil panels as carriers. For this reason, we have created a new panel as a result of our R & D work with the architectural team. This is a method used for the first time in the world. It was hard to lighten the soil. Time management is one of the most important factors in the competition so we optimized and used the most convenient panel.

Aslı Pisdil Yildiz, an Architecture student at Technical University underlined that the ideas of the solar decathlon team didn’t remain as just ideas and said that “With enough support and resources, products that can carry us to a place can be produced”.

Istanbul Technical University Industrial Product Design student Esra Kiygin emphasized the importance of multidisciplinary work:

Multidisciplinary work is very difficult for the team. We can always produce beautiful results when we come together. For example, I’m an industrial designer but I am developing ideas related to other things. Different disciplines are expanding our horizons.

Yildiz Technical University Mechanical Eng. /Industrial Engineering student Hamdi Ergok mentioned about the competition process:

We have attended two workshops in Morocco.  The competition consists of ten categories. Each category is evaluated in itself. We have presented our model in the latest workshop. Previous decathlon winners and Moroccan officials visited the team stands. The coaches in the solar decathlon made presentations in the given time. We got nice feedback at the last workshop.

Morocco has set up its own farm and has used smart flowers for solar decathlon. The country will buy the houses that the team produced and keep there. They want to make the houses sustainable.

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