Mayıs 21, 2019


NEWS – Demirdokum met Istanbul Medipol University students within the scope of the “MECTALKS Leaders” event organized by the Management and Economics Club.

DemirDokum came together with the Istanbul Medipol University students at the “MECTALKS Leaders” event organized by the Management and Economics Club as the Golden Sponsor.

Erdem Ertuna, Member of the Board of Directors of DemirDokum, attended the event which was held at the South Campus.

In the conference where the students had the chance to listen to the leaders and benefit from their experiences, Ertuna shared the success story of DemirDokum’s 65 years.

Ertuna noted that companies should calculate lots of things to achieve leadership in the sectors at an age where global competition continuously rises:

Developing innovative products and technology is the necessity of success and sustainability in the competitive markets. As Demirdokum, we have been serving with the proud of being the first in many fields and quality since 1954. The products in heating, solar energy, water heating, and cooling fields remain in the house of our consumers for many years. For this reason, we are trying to provide more comfort to meet changing consumer needs. As a result of the satisfaction we provide to our customers, we are preferred in repurchasing decisions by 65 percent.

Ertuna gave advice to young people who made a career plan in his speech; “To make a difference in business, set a goal for yourself today, prepare plans to achieve this goal,” he said.


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